Natwest Banking Website

Old Bankline

Natwest currently has a business banking service called “Bankline”.  If you visit the current Bankline website (or look at the screenshot above) you will notice the branding has wrong/old colors and the website itself looks a bit outdated. Also the website does not work on many of the popular browsers nor mobile devices such as your phone or tablet.

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) who is the parent company for Natwest started a new digital project to revamp the website in order to make Bankline a responsive website which works on multiple browsers and mobile devices.

I joined the project in 2016 as the Automation test lead in order to help test the website and to automate as much of the testing as possible. Due to the nature of the project we had 9 scrum teams consisting of around 25 manual testers and 7 automated testers all working on a different parts of the system.

For our automation we set up a Page Object Model (POM) framework using Selenium Webdriver and Cucumber as this would allow us to reduce duplicated code and allow for easy maintenance of our tests.

Working in an agile environment where the development code and UI changes quite regularly it was important for us to be able to change our automated tests with minimal effort within the page objects (only in one place).

I would have regular meetings with the automation testers where we would discuss best practices and help each other with any issues we may be experiencing. We would also spend time looking through the cucumber feature files / scenarios in order to write them in a better declarative style.

We opted to write our cucumber scenarios in a declarative style as I feel this helps keep our scenarios small, clear and concise. If a new tester or someone from the business reads the scenario they are able to quickly understand what the test is doing. The imperative style on the other hand tends to produce noisy scenarios with too many steps making it hard for a new person to read and understand exactly what the aim of the test is.

The screenshot below shows what the Bankline login page will look like. The website looks fresh, clean and modern.

Natwest website