Rightmove website


When I joined Rightmove my first task was to convert their existing Selenium IDE (Record and playback) tests into Selenium RC tests. By moving the tests to Selenium RC we were able to set up a job on Jenkins which would run the automated tests on a nightly basis and across multiple browsers. Also by using Java we were able to write methods so when a change was made to the website we could change our tests more efficiently rather than having to change the hundreds of tests we had individually.

I then had to automate areas of the website which hadn’t already been automated. Rightmove.co.uk is the 8th busiest UK website with around 1.5 million visits per day, so we had to ensure the website didn’t have any broken links or any broken functionality which would effect users. As the development teams were continuously making improvements to the website we would have to perform regression test every 2 weeks. We relied on the automated tests to help us gain confidence and to speed up the regression testing.

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